LAC History…

LAC started in 1945 by manufacturing many electrical appliances, especially radio sets, thus enabling the French population to access information after the war.

LAC then specialised in the manufacture of fuses and became FUSIBLES LAC.

The french workshops became too small and the workshops spread to England and Germany.

As a pioneer and driving force in the development of fuses, FUSIBLES LAC engineers then participated in the development of European fuse standards. Standards which were then extended to the whole world in the name of harmonisation.

FUSIBLES LAC has developed as studies and patents have been filed for new fuses, sometimes developing amazing features to meet particular needs!

Today FUSIBLES LAC has become LAC again but nothing has changed. We continue to produce and to make studies for the fuses you ask us for.

Supplier of fuses and circuit breakers for the protection of your electrical and electronic devices.